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Browse: Top Five Stand-Up Comedians and MC in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Browse: Top Five Stand-Up Comedians and MC in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Fun and folly are endemic elements of human nature, like any other industry, the stand-up comedy has risen to be a veritable medium of live artistic entertainment despite the negative audience attitude to the profession and is serving as a pedestal for the stage to experience a new lease of life.

Are you looking for an MC to give your audience that comic experience that will keep them glued to their seats wishing the session never come to an end?

Browse Business Directory Listing has thrown the quadrant and has counted/selected top five (5) comic personalities that are a succession in comic bits. These antics on our list have carved a niche for themselves in stand-up comedy in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, laugh is free people but they will bring you amusing and exquisite performance that you will put in your money for.

5: Dr Virus

Quirky, engaging and … stupidly funny Dr Virus A.K.A Itubo has made a healthy amount of comedy clips and jibes for enthusiasts and he is most likely to become a hotshot comedy TV scriptwriter. This young comedian is a hybrid of talent and reality waiting to hit your stage and screen, Stay tuned in! He delivers comics that are an anaesthesia to the pains, sorrows, fears, disappointments, frustrations, worries and uncertainties of the average Nigerian. All these and more assures that he is a hilarious stand-up comedian and an excellent actor.


4: K.O. Baba

“The Talkaholic” host, K.O. Baba, has taken his time out to set a prevailing record for himself in the business of comedy. What time frame are you looking at, K.O. Baba will keep your audience laughing out their hearts with rib-cracking jokes and jibes. He is a mix of corporate brain-flexing tempered with witty, anecdotal frivolity. In a society in dire need of direction, this eccentric figure will source materials from every imaginable aspect of Nigerian life, dissecting them “with a knife dipped in the light-hearted fluid of comedy,” and the instructional import of its assertions never escapes the alert mind of the sensitive Nigerian.




3: Prince Hezekiah

The Prince of Comedy is one of the most sought-after stand-up comedians in the Garden City. He bounds energetically with his audience, dishing out messages with critical perceptive from everyday life, with colourful cultural exhibition accessible to wide audiences that identified with the comics as being just like themselves. Zanily he will bring two known tribes together and hilariously compare them to keep your audience busy lightening their stress with smiles and laughter.





2: Arinze Baba

Arinze Baba is one notable comedian that is holding his own to the admiration of many in the stand-up comedy industry. He dishes out punchlines that are intensely relatable. He is an easy, entertaining and garrulous company with a great sense of humour. The humour merchant compensates for the disheartening experiences of individuals and have reaped the fruit. Your stage is never dull with him on it.





1: Daniel D’ Humorous

The Duke of Comedy as he calls himself, never fails to take his audience on a smooth ride on his art. He is a linguist by profession and possess a cultivated strong sense of individuality, so his stand-up self writes inventive materials both in rich, quality content and business exploits. The “One Man Show” host might start somewhere familiar but the punchline will travel into the unpredictably absurd. With this inimitable fellow it is laugh all the way.


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  1. blankson p ugele

    I think the top 5 that has been selected are great they have been outstanding in the industry here in Port Harcourt. Kudos to them..

  2. Browse, Angel D’ Laff should be on this list na, he is among the top five I know.
    see, Dan dey Lagos now ooh.

  3. i should be among the first eight.. in fact..let me use this opportunity to invite you to KING D’ COMIC EXPERIENCE at Beverly hills hotel, Rolex lounge, 130 woji road opp. veroz restaurant g.r.a phase 2 off oluobasanjo road ph. 5:30pm.. its a three hours event..i will be doing one hour on stage..its gonna be funnier, dramatic and comical..

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