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Top 5 Furniture & Interior Designers

Top 5 Furniture & Interior Designers

We cannot just fill our space with furniture each piece has to be perfect to meet an exact need and no one likes to live in a white box, you need what helps make your home feel lived in, welcoming and complete. When choosing furniture for your home, office, school, hotel, it is important to pick timeless, functional pieces that fit your space and budget.

Making your home as comfortable and attractive as possible need not be an issue anymore as you can browse through Browse Nigeria listing to contact trusted and experienced fittings/furnishings service outlets. Check them out.

5. Southwood Nigeria Limited

Everything they do is either created with you or with you in mind. Southwood is a top notch furniture manufacturing and retailing company. They offer furnishings and fittings services to offices, homes, hotels and schools through functional designs created with sustainable manufacturing processes. Their designers work closely with clients, listening, advising, planning and designing to help transform your space into a very special place, not only personalised, but optimised to perfection.




Address:            #55, Ken Saro Wiwa Road (Old Stadium Road) Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
Phone:               +234 (0) 817 460 3928 | +234 (0) 817 460 3931
Email:                ph@southwoodnigeria.com
Website:            http://southwoodnigeria.com

4. Topmark Furniture Nigeria Limited

One of the largest furniture specialist in Nigeria, Topmark Furniture, ascertains total confidence in the durability, functionality and high quality of their products by paying ample attention to customers. They deliver not only quality furniture but the service to go with it. Topmark aims to be your favourite furniture retailer, inspiring you with intelligent styling and design to make your furniture work for your home, office, hotel, and all.



Address:            #1 Hon. Gideon Close, Dr. Peter Odili Road, (Transformer Bus Stop), Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
Phone No:         +234 (0) 816 444 3239 | +234 (0) 803 205 1097
Email:                info@topmarkfurniture.com.ng
Website:           http://topmarkfurniture.com.ng

3. Home Options

Dynamic and technologically driven company, Home Options, famous in the production, supply, design and installation of lifestyle and compatible finishing/furnishing solutions offers new level solutions that redefines luxury finishing/furnishing to homes and offices within client’s budget coupled with their most cherished track records in the classical and contemporary interiors, they are passionate in blending creative ideas, materials seamlessly for harmonious results. At Home Options everything is guaranteed, transforming your space into your dream room.

Address:            #22 Port Harcourt/Aba Expressway, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
Phone No:         +234 (0) 809 9808 678 | +234 (0) 809 9808 671
Email:                 info@homeoptionsng.com
Website:             http://homeoptionsng.com

2. Alibert Group

Put a little twist in your décor, courtesy of Alibert Product Nigeria Limited, one of the largest family owned furniture manufacturers in West Africa. They are specialised in the production of decadent collection of home, office, school & hotel furniture to transform your space into a tranquil haven. They possess high business standards and quality and also carry most of the range in store so you do not have to wait ages.






Address:            #81, Trans-Amadi Industry Layout, Opposite Access Bank, Port Harcourt, Rivers
State, Nigeria.
Phone No:         +234 (0) 806 400 8365
Email:                ph@makariosng.com
Website:            http://www.alibert-group.com

1. Bedmate Furniture Company Nigeria Limited

Bedmate Furniture Company Nigeria Limited is one of the biggest furniture companies in Nigeria. The company provides strong designs that excel at meeting all core requirements, together with a huge array of options, choices, price points and scales, so Spec customers can specify the best possible solution and experience a really easy home, office, hotel interior updating. Coupled with their sustainable and environmental friendly materials and accessories, Bedmate offers technical services, after sales services and transportation services for your convenience.


Address:          Showroom I, 2nd Floor Manuchim chamber, #171d, G.R.A Junction, Port
Harcourt/Aba Expressway, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
Phone No:        +234 703 806 8713 | +234 808 108 0371.
Email:               bedmatefurniture@yahoo.com
Website:           http://www.bedmatefurniture.net

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