Customer’s Security

Browse Naija uses a variety of protections and monitoring tools, including proprietary technology solutions, to keep you secure.


Browse Naija guarantees that all vendors are checked and that you can quickly read more about products before placing an order.


Browse Naija has a variety of teams working for you to keep you safe, answer your questions, and resolve any issues that may arise.

How Browse Naija is keeping you safe

Buyer Safety Algorithms

Browse Naija has built and is constantly upgrading proprietary software algorithms that track data for trends and quickly identify perceived risks and violations.

Community Reporting

We encourage our customers to report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior.  Please send an email to or use the Contact Us page to request a report.

Merchant Quality Assurance and Protection Departments

Apart from data-driven algorithms and automated software, Browse Naija has a variety of teams dedicated to safeguarding the marketplace’s reputation by investigating, sanctioning, and preventing different forms of improper conduct.

Buyer Protection Program

Browse Naija’s Buyer Security Guarantee is one of the most important in the business sector. If you pay in advance for an approved item and it doesn’t arrive as planned, you’re fully covered — quickly and easily.

What you should know

No product on are sold by Browse Naija

Browse Naija is a genuine online marketplace that aids Nigerian entrepreneurs. By partnering with ‘third-party’ sellers, Browse Naija is able to provide buyers with a wider product selection, more options, increased convenience, and better pricing. Please click here to learn more about selling on Browse Naija.

Not every order goes as planned, but Browse Naija is here to help if things don’t go as planned.

In general, Browse Naija sellers have a stellar track record. Most orders go smoothly, but selling online may be new to some sellers, and mistakes can occur despite best efforts. In the unlikely event that something does not go as planned, Browse Naija has a number of teams working to make things right. To get in touch with us, send an email to

Browse Naija can provide maximum protection if you pay online at the checkout before delivery.

When you pay for your order in advance, you are protected by our Buyer Protection program. When you pay in advance to Browse Naija, we hold your payment (temporarily) and do not release it to the seller until you have had 3 days to raise any issues. So, if you pre-pay, Browse Naija will fully protect you if things don’t go as planned. If you choose Pay on Delivery, the seller, not Browse Naija, will have access to your funds, and Browse Naija will be less able to assist you.

We value your feedback.

When you place an order, you are placing your trust in the seller to deliver a high-quality product that is as described and on time. As a result, Browse Naija makes it simple for you to research both the item and the seller before making a purchase. You can read the item description and see how previous buyers rated and reviewed both the seller and the item. When your order arrives, we will ask you to rate and review the transaction, and we will gradually remove low-performing sellers to make Browse Naija safer for you.

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